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#15104: Setting Path Variables in Leopard
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Comment (by autumn.ahlers at gmail.com):

 After pulling my hair out trying to save my Path Variables for MacPorts, I
 found that Leopard uses a completely different method for saving Path
 Variables. The method described in the wiki does not work under Leopard.
 To save a Path Variable in Leopard, one must type out the MacPorts path in
 a Text Editor (i.e. "TextEdit") and save the file to /etc/path.d/ For
 example, I have a plain text file named "MacPorts" located in /etc/path.d/
 that simply reads:


 Works like a charm! This should definitely be included in the "how-to"
 wiki. Exporting the path to the .profile only works temporarily for the
 session but does not get saved.  I had to export the path every session to
 get "port" to work.

 Thanks for all the hard work !

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