[MacPorts] #13292: vim fails to configure, tgetent() not found

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#13292: vim fails to configure, tgetent() not found
  Reporter:  griff.rees at gmail.com  |       Owner:  raimue at macports.org
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 Component:  ports                 |     Version:  1.5.0              
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Comment (by jlist at silentcow.com):

 The problem is that the build of ruby that ships with Leopard is a
 Universal build.  The vim configure script interrogates ruby to get the
 LDFLAGS that it was built with, so it ends up with the Universal LDFLAGS
 ("-arch ppc -arch intel").

 Then ports tries to link against the ncurses from ports, which you will
 have built yourself at some stage (so will be platform specific) and it
 fails because it will be looking for entry points for the other
 architecture (probably for ppc) in ncurses.

 The reason that the ./configure works when run directly is because
 MacPorts sets LDFLAGS to a default of -L${prefix}/lib (by default
 /opt/local/lib) and so it uses the libncurses in /opt/local/lib, ie. the
 ncurses that was installed with ports.  When run directly, ./configure
 defaults to the system default of /usr/lib which has the Universal
 ncurses.  But if you do that then later when the build tries to link it
 fails because it's looking for the other architectures during the linking.

 So, the reality is that you can't really embed the Universal ruby
 interpreter that ships with Leopard into the arch-specific vim that will
 be build by MacPorts.  So either don't do it, or install ruby from
 MacPorts first.

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