[MacPorts] #10827: BUG: 'port -f upgrade' rebuilds too much

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Tue May 6 17:55:35 PDT 2008

#10827: BUG: 'port -f upgrade' rebuilds too much
  Reporter:  stephen at xemacs.org  |       Owner:  macports-tickets at lists.macosforge.org
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  Priority:  Normal              |   Milestone:  MacPorts base bugs                   
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Changes (by jmr at macports.org):

 * cc: stephen at xemacs.org (removed)
 * cc: jmr at macports.org (added)


 For reference, the issue with duplicate dep map entries noted in comment:1
 is #8763. The subdirectory creation noted in comment:12 is #11971.

 The method proposed in comment:11 is probably the Right Thing, but I think
 that after the resolution of the other two tickets, this would be mostly
 solved by making -R imply -n. Upgrade normally applies recursively to
 dependencies, but if you're recursing in the other direction, you usually
 don't want to go back the other way as well. Would we then need an option
 to complement -n in case you really do want the both-ways recursion?

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