[MacPorts] #15334: important boost 1.35 bugfixes, updates, and variants

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Sat May 17 08:09:01 PDT 2008

#15334: important boost 1.35 bugfixes, updates, and variants
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Component:  ports                 |     Version:  1.6.0                                
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 The boost at 1.35.0_0 library has a number of problems as built by the
 current port:
  * only the dynamic, multi-threaded libraries get built (not the debug,
 static, single-threaded, etc.)
  * the python 2.4 or 2.5 variants always used Tiger's built-in 2.3
  * no options exist to include the GraphML or MPI support

 The attached Portfile- and Jamroot-patch files fix these problems.
  * By default, a 'complete' build of boost is requested (via 'patch-build-
  * Added 'graphml' and 'openmpi' variants. (Other MPI variants such as
 MPICH or LAMMPI will require different variants.)
  * Fixed the python-selection bug, and tested it on Tiger using MacPorts
 2.4 and 2.5.

 '''Big Caveat'''
  * For some reason I can't figure out, building the 'complete' rather than
 'minimal' build-type causes the ICU variant to fail. I've beat my head
 against it, but it seems to be some sort of error in the '''jamfile'''
 (not an error in the code being compiled or linked).

 Building with the ICU variant under the 'minimal' build-type was
 successful. I'll try to attach a bug report with more details later.

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