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#14909: Roadmap does not provide direction
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Changes (by raimue at macports.org):

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 I generally like the idea to make a better roadmap using milestones. I
 wouldn't make "2.0" a milestone for "later", because there could be
 tickets which need a great change and therefore are not to be considered
 for 1.x releases. We should better make a separate milestone named like
 "later", "unconsidered", "unscheduled", "open".

 For tickets against ports we should use the 'Component' field set to
 "ports" and not assign a milestone. For the difference between "Port
 Bugs", "Port Enhancements", "Port Updates" etc. we could set the 'Type'
 field accordingly (''defect'', ''enhancement'', ''update'',
 ''submission'', ''request'').

 But this is not ideal as it could result in invalid combinations (like
 Component "base" and Type "request"). So as an alternative – if we bother
 about those invalid combinations at all – we could instead use the
 'Keyword' field to reflect the state of the ticket by adding one of
 ''defect'', ''enhancement'', ''update'', ''submission'', ''request'' to

 We should create [http://trac.macports.org/report reports] as a
 replacement for the currently used milestones to get a quick overview over
 tickets for a specific component/type.

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