[MacPorts] #15364: otest-41 depends on nonexistent port sentestingkit

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Wed May 21 05:05:15 PDT 2008

#15364: otest-41 depends on nonexistent port sentestingkit
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 Component:  ports             |     Version:  1.6.0                                
Resolution:                    |    Keywords:  port bug nonexistent dependency      
Changes (by jmr at macports.org):

 * cc: jmr at macports.org (added)


 sentestingkit was removed in r33574, because it is included in XCode 2.1
 and later. I guess the question is whether its dependents are also part of
 XCode now, and if not, whether they work with the XCode bundled
 sentestingkit. Depending on the answers, we need to either remove the
 dependencies, bring back sentestingkit, or nuke its dependents as well.

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