[MacPorts] #15395: Use primary port category for fetched distfile layout

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Wed May 21 22:46:09 PDT 2008

#15395: Use primary port category for fetched distfile layout
 Reporter:  wsiegrist at apple.com     |       Owner:  wsiegrist at apple.com
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 Keywords:  fetch mirror distfiles  |  
 The distfile directory ($prefix/var/macports/distfiles/) currently uses 1
 level of directory based on port name. This means mirroring also uses the
 single directory level.

 I propose to use the primary category to layout mirrors and distfiles with
 an additional directory. The main reason for this is the layout on
 distfiles.macports.org.  We need the 2 layers of directories to make
 browsing more managable.

 The change will be mostly invisible to users as far as their local
 installations are concerned.  This will make distfiles match the layout of
 Portfiles in the svn and rsync repositories.

 The simplest fix, and the one I provide a patch for here, is to read the
 categories value and set distpath accordingly during fetch_init. This
 affects all fetching and mirroring. The only impact I see to end users is
 if they pre-fetch something, upgrade to the patched code, then try to
 install. The distfile would be in the wrong place and re-fetched. This
 case seems rare and a minor inconvenience at that.

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