[MacPorts] #15405: xcode.project variable handles strings as lists

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#15405: xcode.project variable handles strings as lists
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Component:  base                 |     Version:  1.6.0                                
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 The xcode.project portfile variable treats strings as lists.

 The variable takes a single project file as an argument to be passed to
 xcode, but if a space is in the name, it passes the name wrapped in curly

 Expected result:
 setting {{{xcode.project "Chat Core.xcodeproj"}}} does not lead to an

 Returned result:
 -->  Building ChatCore
 Error: Target org.macports.build returned: shell command "cd
 && xcodebuild -project {Chat Core.xcodeproj} -target "ChatCore
 (Application)" -configuration Release build OBJROOT=build/ SYMROOT=build/
 " returned error 1
 Command output: xcodebuild: Error: the project name {Chat does not have a
 valid extension.
 Note that '''''{'''Chat Core.xcodeproj'''}''''' is passed instead of
 ''Chat Core.xcodeproj''

 This issue is covered in #12429 which I did not reopen due to its

 I found at least one portfile (source:trunk/dports/aqua/IcyJuice/Portfile)
 that has workarounds in it to address this behavior.

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