[MacPorts] #9899: BUG: srm-1.2.8 runtime error - fails to remove files

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Fri May 23 10:41:59 PDT 2008

#9899: BUG: srm-1.2.8 runtime error - fails to remove files
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 Component:  ports                 |     Version:  1.2                                  
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Comment (by vogt at cpsc.ucalgary.ca):

 I just attached a patch to the Portfile that fixes the non-functionality
 of srm-1.2.8.  I have tested this patch on OS X 10.5, running the current
 version of MacPorts.

 The patch simply removes some unnecessary CFLAGS from the Portfile build
 of srm.  Since srm compiles and runs fine if you use the soruce tarball
 directly from srm's homepage (i.e., not through MacPorts) with no extra
 flags or configuration options, I'm not sure why these CFLAGS were added
 to the Portfile build in the first place.  If they were added for
 compatibility purposes with an older OS X version (e.g., 10.3?), I would
 have no way of testing that.  Based on the original ticket description, as
 well as my own experiences, srm-1.2.8 will not work properly on OS X 10.4
 or 10.5 without a patch.

 As an aside: I read through the MacPorts documentation, and I couldn't
 tell whether I should open a new ticket to submit this patch, or just
 reply to this ticket.  If anyone would be willing to let me know whether
 replying to this ticket was the proper course of action, I would greatly
 appreciate it.  Thank you very much.

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