[MacPorts] #15440: update to wyrd 1.4.4

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Tue May 27 11:08:22 PDT 2008

#15440: update to wyrd 1.4.4
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 wyrd 1.4.3b doesn't install because it doesn't seem to be available.  It
 looks like the distribution site has changed:


 Version 1.4.4 is available there.  I tried to edit the Portfile by
 changing the version number, web address and md5 checksum, but it didn't

 PortSystem        1.0
 name              wyrd
 version           1.4.4
 cat  egories        textproc pim
 maintainers       henry at hjst.org

 description       an ncurses based front-end for remind.
 long_description  Wyrd is a text-based front-end to Remind, a
 sophisticated \
                   calendar and alarm program. Wyrd is designed to make you
                   more efficient at editing your reminder files directly.
 It \
                   also offers a scrollable timetable suitable for
 visualizing \
                   your schedule at a glance.

 homepage          http://pessimization.com/software/wyrd/
 master_sites      http://pessimization.com/software/wyrd/

 checksums         md5 a376c05ba614625da06082d850c742c7

 depends_lib       port:ocaml port:remind port:ncurses

 configure.args    --mandir=${prefix}/share/man

 Thanks for your time.

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