[MacPorts] #15411: Python bsddb/subversion-python25bindings module updates

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Tue May 27 16:14:16 PDT 2008

#15411: Python bsddb/subversion-python25bindings module updates
  Reporter:  dluke at macports.org  |       Owner:  dluke at macports.org
      Type:  enhancement         |      Status:  assigned          
  Priority:  Normal              |   Milestone:  Port Enhancements 
 Component:  ports               |     Version:  1.6.0             
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Comment (by blair at macports.org):

 I would like to see all these ports use variants, +db44, +db45 and +db46.

 You never know when some other program that has some dependency on a
 particular BDB version and wants to use APR and we're on 4.6.

 Say foopackage comes out with dependencies on 4.7 for some new feature
 and we need to recompile.  Also, foopackage also links against apr.
 With the no-variant approach, you'd have to edit all your files to get
 this to work and the next sync would destroy those.

 Maybe putting a bdb version in etc/macports somewhere as a the default
 would be nice.

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