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Wed May 28 10:35:48 PDT 2008

#15446: teTeX 3.0_5 activation failed
 Reporter:  jmstephensjr at gmail.com  |       Owner:  macports-tickets at lists.macosforge.org
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Component:  ports                   |     Version:  1.6.0                                
 Keywords:  teTeX octave            |  
 I have a fresh macports installation.

 I have installed gcc42 and dependents.  All OK so far.

 I go to install octave, and it needs to install about 25 dependencies.
 When it reached teTex 3.0_5 there was a problem.  It compiled and
 installed, but failed to activate.  I know it installed because it shows
 up in the list of installed ports (without being tagged as activated).

 Here is the output of the build/install...

 james-stephens-computer:~ jamesstephens$ port installed
 The following ports are currently installed:
   gcc42 @4.2.4_0 (active)
   gmp @4.2.2_1 (active)
   libiconv @1.12_0+darwin_8 (active)
   mpfr @2.3.1_0+darwin_i386 (active)
 james-stephens-computer:~ jamesstephens$ sudo port install octave
 --->  Fetching metis
 --->  Attempting to fetch metis-4.0.tar.gz from
 --->  Verifying checksum(s) for metis
 --->  Extracting metis


 --->  Cleaning qhull
 --->  Fetching teTeX
 --->  Attempting to fetch tetex-src-3.0.tar.gz from ftp://tug.ctan.org
 --->  Attempting to fetch tetex-texmf-3.0po.tar.gz from ftp://tug.ctan.org
 --->  Verifying checksum(s) for teTeX
 --->  Extracting teTeX
 --->  Configuring teTeX
 --->  Building teTeX with target all
 --->  Staging teTeX into destroot
 --->  Installing teTeX 3.0_5
 --->  Activating teTeX 3.0_5
 Error: Target org.macports.activate returned: Image error:
 /opt/local/bin/a2ping is being used by the active pTeX port.  Please
 deactivate this port first, or use the -f flag to force the activation.
 Error: The following dependencies failed to build: teTeX texlive
 texlive_base texlive_texmf-minimal texlive_texmf-full
 Error: Status 1 encountered during processing.
 james-stephens-computer:~ jamesstephens$

 Please let me know if I am doing something silly here.  Thanks in advance
 for the help.

 -- JMS

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