[MacPorts] #15100: Define USE_CURL_MULTI for git-core

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Fri Oct 31 18:56:26 PDT 2008

#15100: Define USE_CURL_MULTI for git-core
  Reporter:  svoop at delirium.ch  |       Owner:  bryan at larsen.st  
      Type:  defect             |      Status:  new              
  Priority:  Normal             |   Milestone:  Port Updates     
 Component:  ports              |     Version:  1.6.0            
Resolution:                     |    Keywords:  git git-core curl
      Port:  git-core           |  

Comment(by bryan at larsen.st):

 The tree I used last time was the source for complete embedded linux
 distribution.  It included 3 linux kernels, 3 different libc's and the
 source to approximately 200 different applications.  So it was an order of
 magnitude bigger than just the linux kernel.  Although, the kernel seems
 to have grown substantially in the meantime.

 Sometimes I could pull the whole thing without an error - I got an error
 about 50% of the time, so it was the right size for testing.  I was able
 to successfully pull a linux kernel continuously in a loop overnight --
 smaller repositories never triggered the error.

 I'm still looking for big repositories.  Here's a good place to start:
 http://git.or.cz/gitwiki/GitHosting.  None of them seem to list sizes.
 The biggest I've found so far is kdebase, which is slightly bigger than
 the kernel.  Let me know if you find something bigger.

 The biggest .git repository in the android tree is the linux kernel.

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