[MacPorts] #24320: libraries depending on libproxy need revbump

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Thu Apr 1 12:17:24 PDT 2010

#24320: libraries depending on libproxy need revbump
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 A recent update to libproxy (I think the 0.4.0 update) removed the libtool
 metadata file /opt/local/lib/libproxy.la. This is fine, but libtool puts
 references to this file into the .la files for any libraries it builds
 that depend on it. Then, anything that depends on *those* libraries will
 fail to build: e.g. #24179

 Rebuilding these libraries will fix it, so any port that depends
 recursively on libproxy and produces a .la file should be revbumped. I
 think that's the following ports but could be missing others:
   libsoup libdmapsharing libgda4 libgtkhtml3 libgweather gvfs swfdec
 swfdec-devel webkit-gtk

 libsoup was already revbumped in r65821 to fix #24179

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