[MacPorts] #24327: libiconv: include/iconv.h already exists and does not belong to a registered port

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Sat Apr 3 09:57:44 PDT 2010

#24327: libiconv: include/iconv.h already exists and does not belong to a
registered port
 Reporter:  spjatkin@…          |       Owner:  ryandesign@…           
     Type:  defect              |      Status:  new                    
 Priority:  Normal              |   Milestone:                         
Component:  ports               |     Version:  1.8.2                  
 Keywords:                      |        Port:  libiconv               

Comment(by spjatkin@…):

 Replying to [comment:7 ryandesign@…]:
 > Replying to [comment:6 spjatkin@…]:
 > > I have waited night to download some dependencies from some server.
 The process doesn't stopped, i broke this by ctrl-c. Probably this can be
 a reason for iconv.h already exists.
 > Only if you pressed ctrl-c during the activation or deactivation phase.
 At any other time, ctrl-c shouldn't cause such a problem.
 > > I activated libiconv and run install mc. I have the same problem with
 downloading ncurses this time. My location is Latvia. The problem server
 is ftp://ftp.funet.fi. This server has shortest ping but doesn't want to
 upload components.
 > Sorry it's not working for you... it's working for me, from Texas.
 > > How to select another server
 > You can't influence the server order; they're tried in order of ping
 time. This server is listed several times in the file mirror_sites.tcl.
 You could edit this file and remove that server from the list, but your
 changes will not survive a "sudo port sync" if you are using the default
 rsync synchronization method. You could switch to the svn synchronization
 method which would preserve your changes through a sync.
 > > and how to continue download if i force stoped the process.
 > When you re-run the command again, MacPorts will begin trying to
 download the file again. There is no way to get MacPorts to resume an
 incomplete download, but you could do so manually using "curl -C -" (if
 the server supports resuming); the partial file will be in

 Yes! Thank you! I finally installed mc. Thank you very much again.

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