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Mon Apr 5 02:57:52 PDT 2010

#24339: Add port xmlrpc-c "stable" to macports
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Comment(by bitmail@…):

 Replying to [comment:2 bitmail@…]:
 > Replying to [comment:1 ryandesign@…]:
 > > I updated xmlrpc-c to 1.06.38 in r66030. But why don't we just update
 the existing xmlrpc-c port to the latest "stable" release? I don't think
 there was any intention to have our port follow the "super stable" branch;
 the port is merely unmaintained and hadn't been updated in years.
 > >
 > > Attached is a patch which is a start at doing this -- which fails to
 build for me on Snow Leopard.

 Hm, just checked out&build the stable branch manually (i.e. outside port;
 OSX 10.5.8 PPC), surprisingly it was
 Ausgecheckt, Revision 1903.
 and not

 svn.revision    1871
 as in the diff file. I'm not familiar with the syntax etc., but might that
 be the reason why the build on Snow Leopard failed?

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