[MacPorts] #24369: gpgme 1.2.0 does not build with +universal

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Mon Apr 5 13:57:15 PDT 2010

#24369: gpgme 1.2.0 does not build with +universal
 Reporter:  boris.dusek@…              |       Owner:  macports-tickets@…                   
     Type:  defect                     |      Status:  new                                  
 Priority:  Normal                     |   Milestone:                                       
Component:  ports                      |     Version:  1.8.2                                
 Keywords:  gpgme universal libassuan  |        Port:  gpgme                                
 OS X 10.6.3, Xcode 3.2.2, universal_archs default (i.e. i386 x86_64),
 universal flag set.
 Attaching full log, the most important part right here:

 (cd .libs/libgpgme.lax/libassuan.a && ar x
 ar: /opt/local/...snip.../gpgme-1.2.0/src/../assuan/.libs/libassuan.a is a
 fat file (use libtool(1) or lipo(1) and ar(1) on it)
 ar: /opt/local/...snip.../gpgme-1.2.0/src/../assuan/.libs/libassuan.a:
 Inappropriate file type or format

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