[MacPorts] #20949: mysql5: mysql_upgrade5 expects 'mysql' instead of 'mysql5'

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Tue Apr 6 13:24:24 PDT 2010

#20949: mysql5: mysql_upgrade5 expects 'mysql' instead of 'mysql5'
 Reporter:  ora.et.labora@…       |       Owner:  ryandesign@…           
     Type:  defect                |      Status:  assigned               
 Priority:  Normal                |   Milestone:                         
Component:  ports                 |     Version:  1.8.0                  
 Keywords:                        |        Port:  mysql5                 

Comment(by ryandesign@…):

 No, we don't want symlinks in /opt/local/bin without the major version
 number; if we wanted the files in there without the major version number
 we'd just remove all the munging we do in the port to add the major
 version number in the first place. Presumably we want the major version
 number appended so that we can install multiple versions of MySQL
 simultaneously. Installing mysql4 and mysql5 is no longer very interesting
 since MySQL 4 is so old now, but installing MySQL 5.0, 5.1 and 5.5
 simultaneously is interesting and has already been requested a couple
 times. The mysql5 port should be renamed mysql51, a new mysql50 port
 should be created, the mysql5-devel port should be renamed mysql55, and
 they should all not conflict with one another and should install files
 with the appropriate suffixes. See #4115 and #22251.

 For this ticket, we want a solution that allows running mysql_upgrade5 to

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