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#15208: atlantik can't connect to internet
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Comment(by takanori@…):

 In KDE3, kdeinit creates an UNIX socket for DCOP communications.
 And as far as I understand, when the pathname is longer than limit,
 this problem occurs.

 I applied an experimental fix in r66357 (kdelibs3 @3.5.10_6)
 so please try it.

     $ sudo port -d selfupdate
     $ sudo port upgrade kdelibs3

 In addition, after rebuilding kdelibs3, you might need to delete
 the old symbolic links, like:

     $ rm ~/.kde/socket-*
     $ rm ~/.kde/tmp-*

 Thanks in advance.


 Replying to [comment:2 blb@…]:
 > Which port provides atlantik?

 takanori at kagura$ port provides `which atlantik`
 /opt/local/bin/atlantik is provided by: kdegames3

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