[MacPorts] #20589: Instructions for port "smokeping" do not cover 10.5

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Mon Apr 12 10:34:46 PDT 2010

#20589: Instructions for port "smokeping" do not cover 10.5
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 Component:  ports                   |     Version:  1.7.1             
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      Port:  smokeping               |  

Comment(by markd@…):

 The path is ${prefix}/share/doc/speedycgi/mod_speedycgi.so only if you use
 the variant apple_apache.  Then you need to copy it to
 /usr/libexec/apache2.  (I fixed a minor error with the ui_msg just now in
 r66423)  The ui_msg uses an isset_variant keyword to display the right
 ui_msg block.

 It sounds like you want to use Apple's built-in Apache but didn't use the
 apple_apache variant.  Can you try that and let me know?

 If you don't use the apple_apache variant, macports apache2 is installed
 and the file is placed in ${prefix}/apache2/modules.

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