[MacPorts] #24059: curl +universal ppc/i386 fails on PowerPC

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Tue Apr 13 11:19:35 PDT 2010

#24059: curl +universal ppc/i386 fails on PowerPC
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Component:  ports                |     Version:  1.8.2                  
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Comment(by keybounce@…):

 Some more checking shows that this uses cmake.
 Kleiman-ibook:curl-7.20.0 michael$ egrep urandom CMake*
 CMakeLists.txt:find_file(RANDOM_FILE urandom /dev)
 Produces in configure.ac
 Kleiman-ibook:curl-7.20.0 michael$ egrep urandom configure.ac
                  [read randomness from FILE (default=/dev/urandom)]),
           AC_CHECK_FILE("/dev/urandom", [ RANDOM_FILE="/dev/urandom"] )
 Which produces in configure, at line 19790, a test and error message.

 It is easy enough to modify configure to not report the error, and just
 continue. But I don't know how to modify the source (cmake) to avoid
 generating the error test.

 :You should just need to pass --with-random=/dev/urandom to configure to
 make it use this value and thus skip the check.

 But how do you get the port command to do this automatically during a

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