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Wed Apr 14 11:38:19 PDT 2010

#24433: kmymoney : updated port file + starter .app
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Comment(by takanori@…):

 Hi Brad,

 Replying to [comment:17 brad@…]:
 > The following fails on my system.
 > do shell script "csh -l -c /opt/local/bin/kmymoney > /dev/null 2>&1"

 Oops, sorry! You're right. I didn't notice about that. :-(

 Replying to [comment:17 brad@…]:
 > How about the following? Every mac is pretty much guaranteed to have sh
 > do shell script "sh -l -c /opt/local/bin/kmymoney > /dev/null 2>&1"

 Well, if a user is using tcsh or something, and he/she haven't configured
 $PATH in ~/.bash_profile,
 this command may not work as expected.

 I think

 do shell script "PATH=__PREFIX__/bin:$PATH; export PATH;
 __PREFIX__/bin/kmymoney > /dev/null 2>&1"

 would be better.

 I confirmed that I could call kmm_banking plugin from kmymoney.app by
 using this command.
 (please check kmymoney_1.0.4_1_takanori_2.tar.gz)


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