[MacPorts] #24433: kmymoney : updated port file + starter .app

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Wed Apr 14 17:22:23 PDT 2010

#24433: kmymoney : updated port file + starter .app
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Comment(by MK-MacPorts@…):

 Brad, could you have a look at the main.applescript
 set executable to "__PREFIX__/bin/kmymoney" as string

         set kmymoney to (POSIX path of (path to executable) as string)
 on error
         display alert "There was an error locating KMyMoney's executable."
 & return & return & "Try 'port installed kmymoney' to verify that port
 'kmymoney' is installed." & return & return & "The file we tried to find
 was:" & return & return & "'" & executable & "'" as warning
 end try
 and tell me why this DOES NOT correctly test for existence of kmymoney's

 Have no clue right now and finally need to go to bed.


 Takanori, please be patient until we've figured this last one out.

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