[MacPorts] #22731: py26-numpy built for wrong archs

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Mon Apr 19 14:43:53 PDT 2010

#22731: py26-numpy built for wrong archs
 Reporter:  jls@…           |       Owner:  mcalhoun@…           
     Type:  defect          |      Status:  new                  
 Priority:  Normal          |   Milestone:                       
Component:  ports           |     Version:  1.8.1                
 Keywords:                  |        Port:  py26-numpy           

Comment(by ajb78@…):

 I just ran into this bug as well:  I have a brand new arrandale i5 mac
 with a snow leopard install.  I recovered my previous time-machine
 installation from a 32-bit intel mac and then followed the migration
 instructions on the website (installed latest xcode, re-downloaded
 MacPorts, uninstalled everything and reinstalled it.  After this
 everything seems to build just fine in 64-bit except I get the above bug.
 When I go to my python site-package folder and run the command file
 **/*.so I find that everythign is a 64bit x86_64 shared library except for
 lapack_lite.so and strangely enough Qsci.so.  Neither of these can be
 imported into python (which is also 64-bit).

 I'm trying to figure this out - but if anyone can offer any help I'd be
 very grateful.

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