[MacPorts] #24636: gst-ffmpeg-0.10.10 multiple problems on Snow Leopard (i386 build arch)

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#24636: gst-ffmpeg-0.10.10 multiple problems on Snow Leopard (i386 build arch)
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 note this problems are in addition to the one discussed in #24629 and are
 SnowLeopard(i386 build arch) specific. I was building on x86_64 machine

 1. First the built in ffmpeg fails to configure (similar to #24626) this
 is fixed by fixing configure script. (in gst-libs/ext/ffmpeg)

 2. After configure is successful you will see an error asm and ebx
 registered. this is fixed by changing HAVE_EBX_AVAILABLE to 0 in config.h
 (This is register is available for x86_64 but not for i386 so i assume
 there is a better fix.)

 3. continuing to build you will get another failure on linking x86_64/i386
 by editing subdir.mak and common.mak in ffmpeg dirs

 4. Then you will see problems with libswscale/rgb2rgb_pallate.c and again
 asm code. This is inside #ifdef HAVE_MMX (which is defined to 0 in
 config.h) I add #include "../config.h" and #define HAVE_MMX 0 to this file

 5. you will see the AVPacket errors now (from #24629)

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