[MacPorts] #24234: Update cln from 1.2.2 to 1.3.1

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Thu Apr 29 01:25:45 PDT 2010

#24234: Update cln from 1.2.2 to 1.3.1
 Reporter:  danmichaelo+macports@…          |       Owner:  gwright@…           
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Comment(by danmichaelo+macports@…):

 Thanks for the update. I'm sorry for my non-informative description. Yes,
 I were able to install and run the tests suite with -O2. So my guess was
 that the need for the removal of -O2 had to do with a bug in an older
 version of cln or g++ (the [http://www.ginac.de/CLN/cln_2.html#SEC7 CLN
 manual] hints on some issues with -O2 and old versions of g++..  Also, the
 CLN manual warns about the -O3 flag, which was why I added the removal of
 it just in case. Since I'm quite new to MacPorts I do not know whether the
 defaults are overriden by the user's environment, etc. If you think -O2
 always will be the default, then just remove the "-O2/-O3" part from the
 Portfile. My intention was just to make sure -O2 was chosen.

 I filed a ticket on the update of Ginac as well: #24242. Unfortunately I
 did whitespace changes there as well... so I will upload a new version

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