[MacPorts] #24731: db50: new port of Berkeley DB version 5.0.21

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Thu Apr 29 21:39:42 PDT 2010

#24731: db50: new port of Berkeley DB version 5.0.21
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 I saw on unix-porting at lists.apple.com some talking about Berkeley DB
 version 5.0.21. Since there is no db50 in macports I decided to create on
 as an exercise. I don't use bdb directly so I don't know how well this
 works. I created a patch for Makefile.in that fixes a couple configure
 options that are ignored making for a nicer install.

 Also configure checks for sed but Makefile.in only uses it once leaning on
 a hardcoded "sed" command elsewhere which seemed dumb but maybe there is a
 reason. I'm thinking if the patch works well here I may offer it upstream.

 Mostly I just want some critical review by MP's committers as to the
 quality of the Portfile, if time allows:)

 Thanks, Bradley Giesbrecht

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