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#29345: PyMOL 1.4 fails to build with gcc 4.4 error
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Comment(by howarth@…):

 I fixed another critical flaw in the new setup.py installation of pymol.
 Currently the relax package can't load the pymol module.[[BR]]
 The fix is to described in the
 # NOTE: with both methods, you should be able to get away with not[[BR]]
 # specifying PYMOL_PATH if there is a subdirectory pymol_path
 # in the "pymol" modules directory which points to the main[[BR]]
 # pymol directory[[BR]]
 Note fedora is handling this wrongly because this comment is poorly
 written. It should say that a symlink called pymol_path[[BR]]
 pointing to the pymol site-packages directory should be created within it.
 With this change, the explicit setting of PYMOL_PATH[[BR]]
 in the pymol startup shell script can be dropped and programs like relax
 which import the pymol module from python now get[[BR]]
 the pymol_path appropriately, Please update both patches and the
 Portfile.diff ASAP as this is a rather serious flaw.

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