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Thu May 12 21:05:19 PDT 2011

#20810: postgresql_select port request
 Reporter:  apinstein@…        |       Owner:  mww@…            
     Type:  request            |      Status:  new              
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 Keywords:                     |        Port:  postgresql_select

Comment(by ryandesign@…):

 Replying to [comment:7 jmr@…]:
 > And what's wrong with installing version-suffixed symlinks in
 ${prefix}/bin as well?

 Oh, ''that's'' what #28133 says. I missed that. You're right, that's
 probably fine; let's not consider that a duplicate after all.

 For mysql5 which does this, it causes some odd issues... for example
 running "mysql_upgrade5" (where PATH contains /opt/local/bin but not the
 long path to the real "mysql_upgrade"), doesn't work, as it expects to
 then find "mysql" in PATH as well (when in fact only "mysql5" is in PATH
 in this case); see #20949.

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