[MacPorts] #29458: configure/build error for dirmngr

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#29458: configure/build error for dirmngr
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 Trying to build gnupg2 on MacOSX10.6.7 with Xcode 4.0.2. Migrating from
 PPC and updating all needed ports. Things going fine after following
 Migration instructions. I selected variant dirmngr for gnupg2. Build
 nearly complete when it gets this error:

 *** You need libassuan to build this program.
 *** This library is for example available at
 ***   ftp://ftp.gnupg.org/pub/gcrypt/libassuan/
 *** (at least version 1.0.4 is required).
 *** Note, that libassuan must have been build with Pth support.
 configure: error:
 *** Required libraries not found. Please consult the above messages
 *** and install them before running configure again.

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