[MacPorts] #29462: Building py-pyobjc2 fails due to -Wno-long-double

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Fri May 13 18:44:47 PDT 2011

#29462: Building py-pyobjc2 fails due to -Wno-long-double
 Reporter:  brian.hudson@…          |       Owner:  macports-tickets@…                   
     Type:  defect                  |      Status:  new                                  
 Priority:  Normal                  |   Milestone:                                       
Component:  ports                   |     Version:  1.9.2                                
 Keywords:                          |        Port:  py-pyobjc2                           
 I ran:
 ports install matplotlib

 This eventually failed:

 --->  Computing dependencies for py-matplotlib
 --->  Dependencies to be installed: py-pyobjc2 py-pyobjc2-cocoa py-tkinter
 tcl tk Xft2 fontconfig pkgconfig xrender xorg-libX11 xorg-bigreqsproto
 xorg-inputproto xorg-kbproto xorg-libXau xorg-xproto xorg-libXdmcp xorg-
 libxcb python27 bzip2 db46 gdbm readline sqlite3 xorg-libpthread-stubs
 xorg-xcb-proto libxml2 xorg-util-macros xorg-xcmiscproto xorg-xextproto
 xorg-xf86bigfontproto xorg-xtrans xorg-renderproto xorg-libXScrnSaver
 xorg-libXext xorg-scrnsaverproto
 --->  Building py-pyobjc2
 Error: Target org.macports.build returned: shell command failed (see log
 for details)
 Error: Failed to install py-pyobjc2
 Log for py-pyobjc2 is at:

 main.log shows a gcc failure:

 cc1: error: unrecognized command line option "-Wno-long-double"

 I removed -Wno-long-double from setup.py, then was able to successfully
 install py-pyobjc2.

 Apologies if I haven't opened this all properly, this is my first foray
 into such things, and I based this off of a similar problem I saw listed
 in Ticket #18800

 OSX version 10.6.7
 gcc 4.2.1
 XCode 3.2.3

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