[MacPorts] #29487: freetype: ftimage.h:1292:2: error: #endif without #if (was: Failed to build freetype +universal)

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Wed May 18 15:12:56 PDT 2011

#29487: freetype: ftimage.h:1292:2: error: #endif without #if
  Reporter:  williamgpriceiii@…          |       Owner:  ryandesign@…           
      Type:  defect                      |      Status:  new                    
  Priority:  Normal                      |   Milestone:                         
 Component:  ports                       |     Version:  1.9.2                  
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      Port:  freetype                    |  

Comment(by ryandesign@…):

 The error I see in the log is:
 error: #endif without #if
 When I extract a fresh copy of freetype 2.4.4, the `#endif` comes on line
 1305; line 1292 is in the middle of the FT_Raster_Funcs struct definition.
 The `#if` to which this `#endif` corresponds is the one at the top of the
 file reading "`#ifndef __FTIMAGE_H__`". freetype builds fine universal for

 The log you attached is incomplete. (Contains lines "Skipping...") Can you
 clean and try again, and if it fails again, attach the complete main.log?
 sudo port clean freetype
 sudo port install freetype +universal

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