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Fri May 20 07:40:13 PDT 2011

#28351: Octave 3.4.0 released
 Reporter:  lukas.reichlin@…          |       Owner:  stechert@…           
     Type:  update                    |      Status:  new                  
 Priority:  Normal                    |   Milestone:                       
Component:  ports                     |     Version:  1.9.2                
 Keywords:                            |        Port:  octave               

Comment(by stephen@…):

 Replying to [comment:6 macsforever2000@…]:

 > Posting a diff will help move this along. It saves time for the
 committers and makes us more likely to commit it. Especially given that
 the maintainer is not responding.

 Diff attached, for the sake of posterity (I'm going to move to octave-
 devel).  Diff is against octave-devel, and is trivial (minimum necessary
 to download and verify the sources, and identify the version).

 The octave-devel Portfile looks cleaner to me at a glance, but it is
 substantially different, not only to support additional dependencies of
 octave 3.4, but also in its internal port logic (eg, variants).  I can
 understand the reluctance of the octave maintainer to make the jump
 without careful review (if that's why the delays).

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