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#29522: sox: conflicts with play
 Reporter:  ciserlohn@…               |       Owner:  david@…             
     Type:  defect                    |      Status:  new                 
 Priority:  Normal                    |   Milestone:                      
Component:  ports                     |     Version:  1.9.2               
 Keywords:  haspatch                  |        Port:  sox, play           

Comment(by ciserlohn@…):

 Replying to [comment:3 ryandesign@…]:
 > I'm not sure what you meant exactly, but we don't want variants or
 additional ports. We simply want to resolve the problem that both the
 "play" port and the "sox" port want to install a program called "play", by
 renaming one of them. Perhaps you can bring the matter to the attention of
 the developers of both sox and play and inquire how they would suggest we
 resolve this collision.

 If I understand you correctly you suggest that one of the upstream
 projects change the name of the program "play"? I think this is a bad
 idea. Both of the project are around for several years now (in very
 different application domains - sound processing and web application
 development). Changing the name of a program would be very annoying for
 the existing users of the affected project/program and the value of
 existing documentation (outside the official one which could reflect the
 change) would be diminished. So I think adding "conflicts play" to sox
 would be the best solution.

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