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#29552: MacPorts and Xcode 4: make not found
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Comment(by carles.cufi@…):

 Replying to [comment:8 ryandesign@…]:
 > Thanks for the info. I haven't played with Xcode 4 yet, but we've had a
 few other reports of this problem with Xcode 4. Telling people to
 reinstall Xcode seemed to resolve it; I assumed they >had deselected a
 vital option, but if there were no options available, and it resulted in
 this problem, then we may need to change our documentation at least. Could
 you be more specific about >the steps you followed to arrive at the
 problem in the first place, and the steps you followed to then solve it? I
 have not used the App Store before either. How does one reinstall
 something >received from the App Store?

 Let's see, it's a bit complicated because of the way the App Store works.
 I did the following:
 1) I had Xcode 3 installed
 2) I bought Xcode 4 (version 4.0.0) from the App Store and launched the
 installer that was present in /Applications/Install Xcode.app
 3) A bit later, because a bug in the App Store, Xcode didn't show as
 installed, and so I had to redownload the 4.0.2 installer and run it again
 (from the "My purchases" tab in the App Store)
 3) I rm -rf /Developer-old (Xcode 3)

 Then I had the problem: no make, no gcc on the command line, so I edited
 /etc/paths and I got make back, but gcc didn't run (couldn't find libs),
 ports couldn't find make

 4) I reverted the change to /etc/paths and downloaded _again_ the 4.0.2
 installer, and ran /Applications/Install Xcode.app: This gives you no
 options at all, just "Next"
 5) Got my make and gcc back as normal without hacking /etc/paths, ports
 now works fine

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