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#29575: ethereal: delete port
 Reporter:  ryandesign@…             |       Owner:  opendarwin.org@…          
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Comment(by ryandesign@…):

 If the `replaced_by` feature had existed 3 years ago when ethereal was
 retired, that would have been the ideal choice. As it is, in r19872, a
 `ui_msg` was added to alert users the port is obsolete. In r34052 this was
 made into a fatal error, preventing users from installing the port at all.
 In r46912 and r69520 the port's revision was increased, so for 2 years
 already, anyone who had ethereal 0.99.0_1 installed would have been
 prompted that the port is outdated, and trying to upgrade it would have
 printed the error message and exited, advising the user to use wireshark
 instead. This has served the purpose that `replaced_by` would have, and I
 think we can just delete ethereal without further ado.

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