[MacPorts] #29610: openssl 1.0.0d fails on compile error

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Fri May 27 07:44:27 PDT 2011

#29610: openssl 1.0.0d fails on compile error
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Component:  ports             |     Version:  1.9.2                                
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 My earlier ticket 29600 was closed as duplicate of 28204.  28204 was
 closed as invalid with the comment by the creator of the ticket that
 workarounds were to downgrade to an earlier port, or to remove
 /usr/local/include/dlfcn.h.  I am confused. First, ticket 29600 was for
 version openssl 1.0.0d, not 1.0.0c so I don't understand how is that is a
 duplicate. Second, the workarounds given don't seem like a resolution to
 the problem, so why was 28204 marked as "invalid"?  Either way, openssl
 still doesn't compile on OS X 10.6.7.

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