[MacPorts] #29550: kdelibs4 @4.6.3: Undefined symbols _uncompress _compress

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#29550: kdelibs4 @4.6.3: Undefined symbols _uncompress _compress
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      Type:  defect                  |      Status:  closed          
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 Component:  ports                   |     Version:  1.9.2           
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      Port:  openexr kdelibs4        |  

Comment(by michaelld@…):

 You're welcome; and, you are quite correct that the configure / build
 stuff is madness.  To name those build systems that I have used --  and
 there are more out there that I haven't -- QMake (part of Qt), CMake, GNU
 Make / Autotools, and BJam (was required by Boost a while back, but I
 think it's a separate project now).  Each has benefits and drawbacks,
 depending on what you want to do.  Some use PKGCONFIG or other external
 info (e.g., as installed by the project itself), while others do checking
 internally only; you basically have to pick your build system & go with it
 & hope it works well enough for anything you want to do.  It's also
 impossible to test all possible system configurations, but one can use
 reasonable logic to work around most issues.  Unfortunately, most
 developers do not care enough to follow reasonable logic, and so we end up
 with messes like this ticket's -- that said: it's the upstream developer's
 issue, not the end-user's.  Anyway, I'm glad your MacPorts install is up
 and running!

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