[MacPorts] #29620: qtiplot @ Fails - QTexEngine Missing File - Typo?

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Sat May 28 12:11:32 PDT 2011

#29620: qtiplot @ Fails - QTexEngine Missing File - Typo?
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Component:  ports                |     Version:  1.9.2                                
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 I've been trying to install qtiplot using the latest Portfile (78293) but
 it fails with:
 :info:build Cannot find file:
 (full build log attached)

 Looking at the Portfile I suspect a minor typo on line 113:
     copy ${workpath}/QTeXEngine ${worksrcpath}/3rdparty/QTexEngine

 Symlinking 3rdparty/QTexEngine to 3rdparty/QTeXEngine seemed to fix the
 problem so I wonder if the code should be copied to
 ${worksrcpath}/3rdparty/QTeXEngine ?

 I'm a new user so I'm not sure how/if I could submit a patch, but I
 thought I ought to bring this to your attention.

 Thanks for all your hard work - I've spent *days* trying to compile and
 install this manually and Macports has made it so much simpler!

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