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#31930: py27-pyside build fail
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Comment(by public@…):

 Replying to [comment:1 ryandesign@…]:
 > The relevant error seems to be:
 > {{{
 > fatal error: 'QtDesigner/QtDesigner' file not found
 > }}}
 > Perhaps this is what we discovered before, that
 dev/2011-August/015543.html clang ignores CPATH and LIBRARY_PATH].
 > You could try to [wiki:ProblemHotlist#compiler use llvm-gcc-4.2

 OK, I got half solution, thanks!

 Part of the problem was my Qt variant. First time I tried to compile with
 Sadly you could not see the variants of  my dependencies in the log:

 qt4-mac @4.7.4_1+debug+demos+examples+framework+quartz

 I noticed that there is something not logged in main-gcc. I repeated
 myself the last offending command to see if I could get some extra info. I
 found out the last error  was because it could not find
 /opt/local/lib/libQtCore.4.dylib. So I installed:

 qt4-mac @4.7.4_1+quartz

 In that case I works, but I need +framework for development. Or at least,
 I've heard it is better to have Qt as a framework for development (and it
 is the default installation mode of the official Qt binaries)

 so far the problem is that:

 1. py27-side does not compile with the default compiler
 2. py27-side does not compile when Qt is installed as a framework
 3. ... macports error log do not log the variants of the failing package
 dependencies ???

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