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#31974: A new port: OIS v1.3 + Cocoa 64-bit patches
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Comment(by marin.saric@…):

 Superthanks for the quick review :)

 Here's the current hairy situation:

 OIS is not referenced even once in the OgreMain or Plugins, the actual
 OGRE library code.
 However, it's used all over the place in the OGRE Sample code, which won't
 build at all if OIS is not present.

 So the current OGRE port in MacPorts does not build the sample code.
 There's a ton of OGRE tutorials based on the sample code and/or OIS, so it
 is somewhat of a problem if it's not present in MacPorts.

 The current pre-packaged pre-compiled OGRE v1.7.3 for MacOS X ships with a
 binary-only libOIS.a that apparently has the above-mentioned patches
 applied to it.
 The patches are currently under review for OIS.
 They are less than perfect, for example, they don't really work for
 fullscreen, but other than that the sample code runs clean and fast...
 Without the patches OIS can't run under x86_64, hence OGRE Samples can't
 run under x86_64..

 I am fixing up the OGRE port, and getting OIS running was sort of a must-
 have to test OGRE out with the Sample code.

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