[MacPorts] #32027: pianobar @2011.11.11-1 Update pianobar to 2011.11.11 build

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Fri Nov 11 12:24:34 PST 2011

#32027: pianobar @2011.11.11-1 Update pianobar to 2011.11.11 build
 Reporter:  zheaton@…          |       Owner:  aguynamedryan+pianobar@…        
     Type:  update             |      Status:  new                             
 Priority:  Normal             |   Milestone:                                  
Component:  ports              |     Version:  2.0.3                           
 Keywords:  haspatch           |        Port:  pianobar                        

Comment(by zheaton@…):

 The primary advantage of the current git snapshot over the 2011.11.11
 release is simplified configuration. The 2011.11.11 release requires the
 user to manually export the TLS certificates used to authenticate Pandora
 and set up a configuration file pointing at the certificates. The current
 github snapshot eliminates that step by embedding the Pandora certificate
 fingerprint directly in the application.

 That said, if there is a strong preference for using snapshots instead of
 git, it probably makes more sense to wait for a new snapshot.

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