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#32049: perl5 ports: build errors when hostname contains space
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 The lines in your output that concern me are:
 :info:configure Operating system name? [darwin]
 :info:configure Operating system version? [mbp.home]
 :info:configure Your host name appears to be "sergio's". Right? [y]

 I believe you've somehow set your hostname to "sergio's mbp.home". Neither
 the apostrophe nor the space are valid characters in hostnames, and the
 space in particular is causing this havok. The hostname appears in the
 output of the `uname` command. The `uname` command is used by perl to
 determine your OS version. Perl slices the output of the `uname` command
 into space-delimited words and knows which word number contains the OS
 version. Because your hostname contains a space, that throws off this
 calculation for all the words that follow. It then doesn't know what OS
 version you have, takes a guess which turns out to be wrong, and as a
 result writes a config.sh file that doesn't work.

 Fix your hostname (e.g. using the Sharing pane of System Preferences) to
 contain only valid characters: A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and -. Then clean the
 affected ports and try again.

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