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Fri Nov 18 00:33:35 PST 2011

#32106: fribidi2 (fribidi 0.19.2)
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Component:  ports         |     Version:  2.0.3                                
 Keywords:                |        Port:  fribidi2 fribidi                     
Changes (by ryandesign@…):

  * port:  => fribidi2 fribidi


 The homepage says 0.19.2 "is fairly API/ABI compatible with the 0.10
 series. The Fedora project simply upgraded to 0.19 series from 0.10
 without any compatibility issues. Using this version instead of 0.10
 series is highly recommended." Based on this, maybe we should try updating
 the fribidi port, rather than adding a new fribidi2 port.

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