[MacPorts] #30927: gimp2 @2.6.11_6+python27+x11 - X11 crash on Lion

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#30927: gimp2 @2.6.11_6+python27+x11 - X11 crash on Lion
 Reporter:  caius.cdv@…          |       Owner:  jeremyhu@…           
     Type:  defect               |      Status:  assigned             
 Priority:  Normal               |   Milestone:                       
Component:  ports                |     Version:  2.0.1                
 Keywords:                       |        Port:  xorg-server          

Comment(by dtakahashi42@…):

 Thank you very much. Here is what I investigated, and I hope it will help

 (The case of cairo graphic library)
  1. A call of {{{cairo_paint_with_alpha}}} implicitly creates mask surface
 with type {{{CAIRO_PATTERN_TYPE_SOLID}}} (cairo.c:2266) of color {{{rgb(0,
 0, 0, alpha)}}}
  1. When a cairo-surface that has type {{{CAIRO_PATTERN_TYPE_SOLID}}} is
 rendered to xcb surface, the function _solid_picture (cairo-xcb-surface-
 render.c:621) is called
  1. Because {{{CAIRO_XCB_RENDER_HAS_GRADIENTS}}} seems to be true now
 {{{_cairo_xcb_connection_render_create_solid_fill}}} (cairo-xcb-
 connection-render.c:832) is then called, and transmit a small data to
  1. The opcode of the data corresponds to {{{CreateSolidPicture}}} (xorg-
 server/render/picture.c:861). Allocated pPicture has type
 {{{SourcePictTypeSolidFill}}} and does not have any drawables
  1. Therefore, RootlessComposite can receive pMask without drawable

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