[MacPorts] #31171: building gcc46 on osx lion fails

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#31171: building gcc46 on osx lion fails
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Comment(by dports@…):

 > Hmm. If we remove --enable-fully-dynamic-string from gcc44, gcc45, and
 gcc46 -- as I'm inclined to do -- is this going to cause problems for any
 binaries built with previous revisions of the port, because they'll be
 expecting fully dynamic strings and libstdc++ is no longer built with such

 The answer to this question appears to be yes, unfortunately. Some ports I
 built using the current version of the gcc44 ports promptly stopped
 working once I rebuilt gcc44 without --enable-fully-dynamic-string.

 So that's a pretty serious problem. I was ready to remove that from the
 configure args of gcc44, gcc45, and gcc46. But doing that will break
 compatibility with any C++ binaries compiled before the change and that
 would be really unfortunate. We could go and revbump any port that builds
 with those compilers -- but that doesn't help any user who built their own
 programs using these compilers. As far as I can tell, they would just stop
 working if they use the empty string.

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