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#32262: Cannot install Perl via MacPorts on Lion
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 No versions of Perl will compile in Lion 10.7.2 with the 4.2.1 build of
 Xcode. I have tried Perl 5.12, and Perl 5.14 to no avail.

 Specifically, the errors I run into are as follows:

 -"I can't seem to find your C library" error. I found this is alleviated
 somewhat by manually editing the Portfile and adding "-Dusenm=n" in the
 configure post-args. For what it's worth, the Darwin 11 patch alluded to
 in the portfile is not working and nm still throws a fit without the hack
 in place.

 -However, Perl still does not compile even with that edit. From an earlier
 ticket it appears that the portfile is skipping the entire "make depend"
 phase, which halts the build process with errors. Trying to manually run
 this script (sh ./makedepend MAKE=make) also fails.

 I do think this is something that really needs to be fixed asap, given
 that quite a few ports are directly dependent on Perl to build and run--
 without it, parts of the MacPorts system are literally broken and useless.
 As an example, I noticed this issue with Perl when trying to build dash
 and wget (both of which seem to demand Perl 5.12).

 There have been other tickets with this issue, but yet it appears this
 issue has never been fully resolved.

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