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#32305: catdoc doesn't depend on tk
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 The port says:
 depends_run             bin:wish:tk
 configure.args  --without-wish
 and has done so ever since the port was added. See #5167. At first these
 lines seemed contradictory, but comments in #5167 suggest that `--without-
 wish` just disables a build-time test for `wish`, but that presumably
 `wish` will still be used at runtime.

 I think `wish` is only meant to be used by `wordview`. But the first line
 of /opt/local/bin/wordview is:
 #! no
 and of course trying to run it results in:
 -bash: /opt/local/bin/wordview: no: bad interpreter: No such file or
 If I fix the shebang line to read:
 #!/usr/bin/env wish
 then `wordview` opens fine. So I think the tk dependency is still needed,
 and the shebang line needs to be fixed by the port.

 Note that `wish` should already exist on your system as /usr/bin/wish, so
 MacPorts shouldn't be trying to install the tk port anyway. If you don't
 have /usr/bin/wish, that would seem unusual to me, and might indicate a
 problem with your OS X installation.

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