[MacPorts] #32312: subversion-python27bindings: initialization fails for user macports

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Tue Nov 29 07:20:36 PST 2011

#32312: subversion-python27bindings: initialization fails for user macports
 Reporter:  titus@…             |       Owner:  blair@…                    
     Type:  defect              |      Status:  new                        
 Priority:  Normal              |   Milestone:                             
Component:  ports               |     Version:  2.0.3                      
 Keywords:                      |        Port:  subversion-python27bindings

Comment(by dluke@…):

 Following your steps, I get:

 IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied:

 If I chmod -R macports hgsubversion (after extracting), I get:

 % sudo -u macports
 setup.py --no-user-cfg build
 running build
 running build_py
 creating build
 creating build/lib
 creating build/lib/hgsubversion
 copying hgsubversion/__init__.py -> build/lib/hgsubversion
 copying hgsubversion/__version__.py -> build/lib/hgsubversion
 copying hgsubversion/editor.py -> build/lib/hgsubversion
 copying hgsubversion/maps.py -> build/lib/hgsubversion
 copying hgsubversion/pushmod.py -> build/lib/hgsubversion
 copying hgsubversion/replay.py -> build/lib/hgsubversion
 copying hgsubversion/stupid.py -> build/lib/hgsubversion
 copying hgsubversion/svncommands.py -> build/lib/hgsubversion
 copying hgsubversion/svnexternals.py -> build/lib/hgsubversion
 copying hgsubversion/svnmeta.py -> build/lib/hgsubversion
 copying hgsubversion/svnrepo.py -> build/lib/hgsubversion
 copying hgsubversion/util.py -> build/lib/hgsubversion
 copying hgsubversion/wrappers.py -> build/lib/hgsubversion
 creating build/lib/hgsubversion/svnwrap
 copying hgsubversion/svnwrap/__init__.py -> build/lib/hgsubversion/svnwrap
 copying hgsubversion/svnwrap/common.py -> build/lib/hgsubversion/svnwrap
 copying hgsubversion/svnwrap/subvertpy_wrapper.py ->
 copying hgsubversion/svnwrap/svn_swig_wrapper.py ->

 Maybe including the actual error you get (and/or how you figured out that
 failing to access ~/.subversion/servers was the problem) would help?

 I imagine that access is actually coming from the subversion client (C)
 libraries, and should be able to handle the case where it can't access the

 Of course, the default permissions for ~/.subversion aren't 700 either
 (and ~/.subversion/servers is normally world-readable), so it's possible
 that you've discovered problem that upstream hasn't noticed yet.

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