[MacPorts] #32319: nco ncea error with netcdf4 support

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Tue Nov 29 07:55:37 PST 2011

#32319: nco ncea error with netcdf4 support
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 I have installed the following ports

 sudo port -d install netcdf

 sudo port -d install nco

 When I run
 ncea input1.nc input2.nc output.nc

 ncea: ERROR Requested netCDF4-format output file but NCO was not built
 with netCDF4 support

 ncea: HINT: Obtain or build a netCDF4-enabled version of NCO.  Try, e.g.,
 ./configure --enable-netcdf4 ...;make;make install

 However, when I examine the port file,

 I see that the netcdf4 flag is enabled in the port file, so I'm confused.

 This problem has been seen on both OSX 10.6.8 and OSX 10.7

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